Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day Conclusion

So Valentine’s Day is finally over!!! I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s sooo stupid. And not b/c I’m single, but because it’s soo cheesy and over the top, it’s just not for me. If my make-believe boyfriend showed up with flowers and chocolates I would throw them in his face and tell him to turn around and come back when he actually knew me. And when did V-Day become such a large holiday, practically a National holiday. If it was on a weekday, I’m pretty sure we would’ve had the day off.

Valentine’s Day was bombarding me, everywhere I looked there it was. First off, practically all my friends are in serious, monogamous, blah blah relationships, so they all had plans for Saturday night.

“30 Rock,” “90210” “Scrubs” and even “CSI” had stupid Valentine’s themes. Cupcakes and cookies were passed around at work on Friday, my mom sent me a V-Day package, my Dad and step mom called to wish me happy V-day, I got two emails from relatives and a vendor sent me a V-day card (don’t even get me started on how weird that was). Couples were walking down the street holding hands with grins from ear to ear; it was as if the sky was full of sunshine and skittles. My roommate is in Australia with her BF and the other received a ginormous bouquet of red roses that are sitting on our counter.

Yet with all this mushiness thrown in my face, I have to say it was one of the best V-days ever. You want to know why? Around 11:30 pm on Saturday night, heels drunk dialed me. Yes, that’s right, you heard me, heels drunk dialed me. I wish I could’ve taped it and played it for you all, because it was hands down the best 20-minute stream of consciousness I’ve ever heard. During the conversation she yelled at me for not going out, told me she missed me (even though she had just seen me at work the day before) then proceeded to tell me how much she loved me, had the dog talk to me and finally asked to be my flower girl in my wedding. Keep in mind I’m painfully single with no BF or wedding in sight, yet she just wanted to make sure she secured some place in the special day. I believe this was her exact quote, “I know I won’t be a bridesmaid or MOH (haha) but I think after everything we’ve been through I think I deserve to have a special role, maybe an usher, or I know YOUR FLOWER GIRL.” Never mind how weird it would be to have a flower girl past the age of seven, I couldn’t even talk I was laughing so hard. I assured her she could be my flower girl, for I was terrified for the reaction if I said no. She then tried to come pick me up in a cab so we could take shots and go to the bars.

I hadn't showered in 24 hours, had not had a sip of alcohol and it was already midnight, how on earth was I going to get out of this one. I finally convinced her that I was actually in a cab on my way to meet her at Kincaid’s, (so that I could get off the phone and go to bed) and she finally let me go!

Although, I have to admit, while I drifted off to sleep, I felt grateful for all my besties out there.

Attraction is not a choice,


Bayjb said...

Flower girl is a very important role in the wedding. I'm glad heels reserved it early. I hate V-day too but this year wasn't too bad. I'll take pity flower any day :)

Birnbaum said...

Valentine's Day was part of the economic stimulous package, didn't you know that? I stimulated the bar tab economy, how about that?