Monday, December 15, 2008

I heart edward cullen.

I'm obsessed with Edward Cullen. The mere thought of him has me giggling like a schoolgirl who just beat the boy she likes in four square. I don't know what it is about this blood sucking vampire or the poorly written books that create his world for me, but I am hooked.

The funny thing about my relationship with the Twilight series is that I consider myself pretty well read, but when I was at home for Thanksgiving my 18 year old sister wouldn't stop talking about these books. I felt about as hip as Steve Urkel circa his suspenders wearing days (before Family Matters introduced his smoldering alter ego Stefan Urquelle) because she was all like, "OMG. You don't know the Twilight series!! I've totes already read all four and me and my besties are going to see the movie next week. LOL you are so old!"

At the risk of throwing myself in Lake Michigan because my teen face sister was making me feel like a dinosaur, I decided that I needed to pick one of these bad boys up, haven't stopped reading them ever since. I'm literally the weirdo who is walking to her building from the bus with her nose in her book, they are that good.

I just finished the first book and I can't wait for the second, third and fourth! It's weird because the books are written so poorly that I will catch myself laughing at the awfulness of the corny language and Bella's obsession with Edward's "perfectness," but I have also caught myself dreaming about being Edward Cullen's girlfriend so I'm not sure which exactly is more lame? If you haven't read the Twilight series, I would strongly suggest picking one up, even if your sole motivation is to not be ridiculed by teens. I know mine was.

No one's getting out alive,

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Kitten Heels said...

I just wanted to defend myself by saying that I am heels sister and I do not talk like that. I do not say things such as "OMG" or "totes" or "besties." I just wanted to maintain my dignity by clarifying the situation. Thank you.
-Kitten Heels (witty, I know)