Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer/Life Plan

This Sunday over a delicious lunch at the Chicago Diner (I had the Aztec avocado tacos – AHHHMAZING) my roommate and I mapped out our new summer/life plan.

Lately, I’ve felt like we are in a slump, same bars, same neighborhood, same people. I’m looking for a change and now that summer’s approaching, warm weather, beer gardens, it’s getting imperative we make the move.

We discussed bars, restaurants, activities, groups of friends, meeting new people and getting out of our rut. For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was on Saturday night. I was out with a couple of friends at an uber fratty sports bar. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sports bars…when there’s an ACTUAL sporting event. However, as a 25 year old semi-professional, I was looking for something a little more than guys in jersey’s, $3 O-bombs, forty’s and grinding on a make believe dance floor. It was so frat-tastic, I could’ve barfed. If I wanted to go to a frat party, I could walk myself back to Miami.

Then the night took a turn for the worse, I look over and this guy is making out with some rando girl on the (again, make-shift) dance floor. Let me re-phrase, they weren’t making out; he had turned his mouth into a vacuum and was sucking off her face, tongue, tonsils and stomach. Spit was flying everywhere, hands groping air, it was so awkward and sloppy. I thought her head might disappear into his mouth. Then, no joke, 45 seconds later he’s making out with someone else against the wall, while the other girl watched on. This is where I put my beer down, grabbed my roommate and headed outta there.

So back to our new summer/life plan. We came up with some great places/things to try. Maybe you all can print this out and put up on your fridge; a great new list of places for you as well:

  • Hopleaf (duh, I’m obsessed and it’s stalking me)
  • Market in the West Loop
  • Speed Dating
  • Lumen
  • Danny’s in Bucktown
  • Violet Hour
  • Elbow Room
  • Live music (jazz/blues)
  • Turtle Racing at Joe’s Bar
  • Improv show
  • Subterranean in Bucktown
  • Capitalizing on new groups of people

If you’ve been to any or want to drop a reco, please feel free! We’re looking to shake things up this summer.

Attraction is not a choice,


Ashley said...

my Chicago gal pals and i are going through a similar crisis. We have successfully branched out a few times and I recommend the following: classes at the Chopping Block, wine tasting at Melting Pot, dirty bingo at Victory Liquors by the Pleasure Chest, mixology classes at Nacional 27 (notice a partern of alcohol related activities?) and running clubs. Best of luck!

Christie said...

I have not been to any, but I plan on going to all while I'm in Chicago for Chicago 2.0 and 3.0 in June and October! Speed Dating?!? Hilarious!